Monday, 12 February 2018

February ~ Where Has The Time Gone?

Is it February already?  Yikes, I would have sworn it was just Christmas last week. January has rushed by at a startling pace and I'm not quite sure where I spent my time, but let's see if I can gather my thoughts and give a clear picture .....

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A chilly but refreshing walk

Well first, let's start with something boring.  After keeping off most of my weight lost from being on Weight Watchers for over a year, I gained back 10 pounds.  I'm not quite sure how I did it because I wouldn't say I indulged over Christmas, but I did do a smoothie challenge for my food blog in January and I think that's the culprit.  Yes, smoothies are supposed to be healthy, but they are high in natural sugar and therefore calories.  So back to WeightWatchers we go.  Actually I've already lost 3 pounds, so I'm not worried but it was kind of shocking after such good maintaining.

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Dare to be Different!

I've started downhill skiing lessons and had my first one a week and a half ago.  I wasn't thrilled with it because the instructor had us walk up a hill and snowplow down for an hour.  Yes, an hour.  Boring!  I wanted to go!  So at the end of the lesson I grabbed another lady and we headed up to a run.  Happily we both made it down easily but it did make me realized that I need to get into better shape.

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As for reading ........... and I will sound like a broken record here ........... I'm still trying to get through City of God, Crime and Punishment, Dead Souls, The Republic and Murder in the Catherdal (which, thankfully, is so short that it should take no time at all). Honestly, I read so little in January that it's shameful.  So putting January behind ....

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One of my favourite photos .... so far ....

In February, I need to keep plugging along with the above.  I was thinking of adding Henry James' The Ambassadors, as one of my Goodreads groups is reading it, but I started it and am not that enamoured with James' writing.  I didn't think I'd be, but I question with my reduced time, if I really want to put it into a book that I won't enjoy.  I'm longing to read either Middlemarch or Jane Eyre but I know that's a dream at this point.

And so I will sign off, with my usual wish to read more and be less busy.  If only one day it will come true!