Monday, 10 February 2014

Candide Read-Along

Fariba from Exploring Classics is doing a read-along of Candide by Voltaire in March and I have decided to join.  My schedule should have eased somewhat by then and I should be able to fit it in relatively easily.

Here is the outline:

The event will be from March 1 - 31, 2014.

Fariba will be reading the work in the original language, but all posts will be in English.  Here is the posting schedule:

Monday, March 10:  chapters 1 - 8

Monday, March 17:  chapters 9 - 16

Monday March 24:  chapters 17 - 24

Monday, March 31:  chapters 25 - 30 (last post)

After she posts about a series of chapters, you have a whole week to comment on those chapters.

Depending on if I have enough time, I may tried to read the novel in the original French, or at the very least read some of it in French.  I don't quite know what to expect from this novel but I'm looking forward to it!


  1. I will probably join! I have a strange feeling that I've already read it, but I can't remember anything anyway, so it doesn't count :)

    1. LOL! So either way it will be a fresh and new experience for you. :-)

      I'm happy to hear that you're joining. As small as the book is, I have a feeling that I'm going to need some friendly fellow readers to help me figure out exactly what Voltaire is satirizing.