Monday, 30 December 2013

One Last Challenge - 2014 Around-the-World Challenge

Okay, this is the last challenge …….. I promise!  My Dead Writers Society Goodreads group has set up a 2014 Around-the-World Challenge, so I really must join this one.  Really, I have no choice!  I'm being held hostage and ………  oh,well, never mind …..  ;-)  I know that I'm fooling no one, so I may as well quit while I'm ahead …...

The only stipulation for this challenge is that the authors have to be dead and the countries/areas read in the following order.  The books I'm considering are in parentheses:

January:  North America  (If On a Winter Night A Traveler by Italo

February:  South America (The Poems of Pablo Neruda)

March:  Western Europe  (Les Lettres du Moulin by Alphonse Daudet but
                                                              this will probably change)

April:  Eastern Europe (a book by Isaac Bashevis Singer)

May:  Northern Europe  (The Saga of the Volsungs or Fear and Trembling
                                                           by Søren Kierkegaard) 

June:  North Africa (The Cairo Trilogy by Naguib Mahfouz)

July:  Sub-Saharan Africa (Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Paton)

August:  Middle East  (The Epic of Gilgamesh or The Arabian Nights)

September:  Russia, Mongolia  (I was mulling over The Brothers 
                                                                        Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky but now
                                                                        I highly doubt it)

October:  China, Korea, Japan  (The Story of Stone by Cao Xueqin)

November:  India  (The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye)

December:  Australasia  (I don't know!  Perhaps something from Katherine

I know I will not make it through all twelve months; if I'm able to read four books, I will be pleased.  But this challenge will force me to read books that I wouldn't normally choose independently, so it has its benefits.  Plus I probably can find a reading buddy or two within the group and what better reason to join than that!


  1. I will be reading If on a winter night later next year. Actually, it's my next WEM read. Have fun!

    1. Really?!! I'll be waiting to read your thoughts! In fact, I wish that I could read along with you, but fortunately I think I've found a buddy for this read so I won't be alone. Once you get through the WEM novels and start on the next section (is it history?), I might start up with you. That is if I survive my reads for January, which is really starting to scare me. My challenges are nothing compared with the number of books I have scheduled for that month! **** teeth chattering and sweat pouring down forehead! ****

    2. Actually, my next section of WEM is biographies (beginning with Confessions by Augustine.)

      Well, January starts tomorrow, so lots of luck to you!!!!

  2. Now THIS is a very interesting challenge! That would be a fun way to expand one's reading horizons. I'll have to keep this (concept at least) in mind for a future year.

    1. I've noticed that there are other "Around-the-World" challenges online, so it shouldn't be hard to find another year. It's a good challenge to expand your horizons! :-)

      I'm ready to start your Children's Literature Challenge the day after tomorrow. Can't wait!

  3. Lovely blog!

    Don't tell me you're doing all the challenges that appear on your sidebar?

    1. Thanks for your kind words, AK!

      Yes. Can you believe it?! The only ones I'm a little worried about are the Shakespeare Challenge and this challenge. However, we will see, when December 2014 rolls around, if I am still a functioning reader. I have managed to keep up with most of my reads for this year though, so that is a positive thing. Isn't it ……??? ;-)

  4. Seems we only have an anticipated match on The Epic of Gilgamesh on this challenge. My "pencil in" list can be seen by meandering over here.

    Bon Voyage.

    1. I like your Borges for February, but I think I'll be too traumatized to be ready to read him then. And I'm looking forward to Neruda.

      I may be interested in an Iliad re-read and I've read The Master and Margarita before so I could comment. The White Guard is tempting.

      The Plague or The Golden Ass might be possibilities, and if you want to read Kipling for November, I might be interested in The Jungle Book or convince you to read Kim.

      I can be bribed, you know ……… in case you were wondering …...

    2. Your February pick of poetry would traumatize me. It will be interesting to see if I make it through January to surface into February. My February ideas are on the shorter side of length, although I have been intrigued by a few others selection of 2666 by Roberto Bolaño, but at 900+ pages I didn't feel it was a smart move.

      As for April, maybe The White Guard, don't want you always re-reading pieces.

      The Jungle Book is short enough that MAYBE another option could be added, depending on how rest of year goes. You know my lack of the NO word.

    3. I have no idea, for it does not exist in regards to my TBR pile!