Monday, 17 March 2014

Madame Bovary Read-Along

C.J. at Ebookclassics and Juliana at Cedar Station are hosting a Madame Bovary read-along and I am going to be one of the participants.  I think I've read this novel before but, as you can see, it's been so long that I can't quite remember.

The rules:

Step One:  Sign-up by commenting below or linking to your blog post using the widget.  (Note: Widget will be available on April 1st)

Step Two:  Grab the button and post it to your blog

Step Three:  Make a note of our posting schedule.

Every week either Juliana or C.J. will host a check-in post with thoughts and discussion questions.  Please note the posting schedule below:

        Part One - April 10, 2014
        Part Two - April 20, 2014
        Part Three - April 30, 2014

Step Four:  Twitter Users - Don't forget to use the hashtag #MadameBovary2014 throughout this event to help other participants find your posts and for informal chats about the book.

Step Five:  Please visit the blogs of your fellow read-along participants and say hello (this post [C.J.'s] will be sticky and the list will be regularly updated).

I'm looking forward to it!


  1. I really want to do this - problem is, I'm SO behind with Odyssey I'm kind of put off read-alongs! Still, I might try and catch up a bit today...

    1. I know what you mean. Why don't you just think of The Odyssey as reading and doing a final review, instead of a read-along? I think most of us are behind in it at least a little in any case.

      I was sort of strong-armed into this one; I hadn't planned to do it at first. But I only have the Trollope read-along that is only checking in once per book (after the initial post), so I figure I can just read and review those.

      It's funny ……… some books I love getting my thoughts down (The Odyssey and Paradise Lost) and others I'm so-so with it (Candide). I guess I'll figure out as I go along which books are worth work and which I should just read.

      Good luck with your catching up …….. I'm having a few days holidays so I'm getting along quite nicely.

    2. I've loved your Paradise Lost posts, but I've not read the Odyssey ones - I've actually saved them for when I catch up more! Looking forward to reading them, actually :)

      I think tomorrow I'll get going with it, I was enjoying reading it.

      As for Candide - great book, but I'd struggle to write in detail about it. That said, it's a worthy endeavour - for such a short book it's very dense!

    3. Oh, good. I'm sure I've said a million time before but I am getting so much more out of The Odyssey on this second-read. The Greeks are so fascinating!

      Well, I sometimes feel a little dense reading Candide. I'm enjoying it but I think Voltaire went a little overboard, even considering that it's a satire. It's reading more like a rant than a well-constructed novel. I think I should probably read Gulliver's Travels soon, as a comparison.

      I'll be looking forward to finding out your thoughts on The Odyssey!

  2. I'll be joining this as well. Can't wait!

    1. Yes, I think it's going to be lots of fun.

      You know, I've discovered that I don't own Madame Bovary! Wow! That is very unusual. I'll have to pick it up next week--- so much for my head-start! :-Z